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Realtime Semi Truck Tracking System

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Looking for Semi Truck Tracking System in Mississauga?

Living in a beautiful city like Mississauga and looking for Semi Truck Tracking System in your city?

You are at the right place. We are a known name in Mississauga. We can provide semi truck tracking services right in your city i.e. Mississauga. Get semi truck gps for sale delivered right in your workshop, office or home. Give us a call or drop an email or click here to get demo. Our contact detail is just a click away. Click here to move to Contact Us page.

Aerial View

Travel with your vehicle in aerial view. Zooms in to show in which lane vehicle was going.

Semi Truck Tracking System

The most frequently asked questions by customers, dispatchers or dispatch managers is “Where is Semi Truck number ...XYZ...?”. This happens when there is no reliable Semi Truck Tracking System is in place. Semi Truck Tracking System is a system that can be used to track your Semi Trucks in real time. Real time means when your dispatcher thinks about a Semi Truck then he/she knows where it is right now. Efficient Semi Truck tracking is not possible without semi truck gps for sale and an intelligent semi truck tracking software. There are thousands of types of GPS tracking devices and softwares available in the market. It is a tedious homework to choose the best one.

Tip: Shortlist your requirements before you start researching on Semi Truck Tracking System.
IIMSWISS specializes in Semi Truck Tracking System and can help saving thousands of dollars annually. We have semi truck gps for sale that are specially manufactured to track Semi Trucks even in the harshest weather conditions. Our devices are specially treated to face tough and variable weather conditions of North America.


  • IP66 waterproof rating
  • Equipped with large rechargeable battery capable of 500 message cycles
  • LTE Network
  • Wide range of operating temperature: -30 degree to +60 degree
  • Internal GPS antenna
  • Internal Cellular antenna
  • FCC, IC, PTCRB, RoHS certified


  • End to End TMS integration
  • Load tracking integrated with 3rd parties like Trimble, FourKites and MacroPoint etc.
  • Guest account to share live tracking with your customers
  • RESTful API interface to integrate with any 3rd party software
  • Get reports right in your inbox before you wake up
  • Real time location updates
  • Online device health status
  • Streamed history playback
  • Server managed unlimited geofencing
  • Two-way automated communication with drivers
  • Live traffic on current location of vehicle
  • Live weather on current location of vehicle
  • Quick return trip planning with city wise vehicle search
  • Online reports from TMS (FleetManager only)
  • Powerful user manager for minute authorizations

Save thousands of dollars by not letting your semi trucks idle.

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