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Send text Message from computer

Sending text message from computer to phone is not as tough as it used to be. A good software is the only thing that you need to send text from computer. Searching "send text from computer to cell phone" on google will list thousands of websites offering computer to mobile text messaging. Almost all of them are for marketing purposes, where you can send text messages in bulk to your prospective customers. But your need may not be to market your stuff. You may want a two way text message communication system, where your dispatch team may interact with your drivers using text messages rather than time and energy wasting phone calls. 

We have software that specializes in two way communication between your computer and cell phones. You can send text message from your PC to selected contacts and can receive messages back from cell phones to your computer. We have named our software as SwissText. It can directly deliver messages to your TMS and can directly pick messages from your TMS and can send to drivers without any human interaction.

You may also have several other questions or doubts. We have answers to all of your questions. Contact us today to get answers to all of your queries.


A software to calm down your dispatch team

Less phone calls, increased productivity, more profit...

Everyone is not as smart as you

  • Text messaging is a written record of conversation. Written conversations make a person responsible for its own actions.
  • Most of the people cannot think twice before they speak while talking, hence they are prone to give wrong statements. Texting gives enough time to think and collect facts before replying.
  • It keeps a person focused on current task. Continuous calls interrupt normal flow of work and cause rapid task switching. Task switching is the worst enemy of productivity.
  • Texting gives option to set priorities. Highly important queries can be answered before less important ones.
  • It saves energy that is wasted while talking, and keeps team fresh and stress free whole day.

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