Vehicle Tracking

When we say vehicle tracking, it means you know where your vehicle is; when you need to know it

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Text Messaging

It is more than just text messaging. It is an automated communication between driver and TMS using text message service i.e. MMS

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Shipment Tracking

Your customer feels easy, when real time load position is seamlessly delivered into his/her own TMS.

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Yard Management

Keep eye on incoming and outgoing traffic of your yard. Easy yard checks, invoicing, violation alerts, service charges and much more

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Workshop Management

We help you by overcoming your major challenges by automating work orders, tickets, preventive maintenances, safety checks, tire management and accounting etc.

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All electronic log books are same. But we understand administrative needs. So, we have end to end integrated electronic log book system

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“IIMSWISS has unmatched expertise for meeting logistics needs. They are super friendly and professional. I am using their yard management system. This system fully automated my yard invoicing, check ins and outs and yard checks.”

Instantly locate your vehicle with real time centralized visibility

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